Legalism vs. grace

Legalism is putting faith in human effort;

Grace is putting faith in Christ who finished the work of God and who is the finished work of God.


9 Responses to “Legalism vs. grace”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Bob Lockwood says: Not a hint of ought or must in the place of grace and trust.

  2. Robert 'Glenn' Pratten Says:

    Dear Charles,

    Do you see participation in the Communion in the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ as legalism or God’s grace?

    Robert Glenn

    • charlesnewboldjr Says:

      If by communion you mean the Lord’s Supper, I think it is a beautiful thing to observe when done in the Spirit. That, I believe, makes the difference whether it is grace or legalism. If we are doing it out of a sense of duty and dead tradition and there is no sense of the presence of the Holy Spirit, I would say it was legalism. If we observe it by the Spirit, then it is grace. His power and His presence will be there. Communion, as I am sure you know, comes from the Greek word koinonia which also means fellowship, communication, and participation. Real communion, therefore, occurs anytime we are gathered with other believers in this context. Having the elements of the communion central to our gatherings has served to remind us that Jesus is central and the reason why we gather. “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Mat. 18:20.

  3. Robert 'Glenn' Pratten Says:

    Very good brother. So then, if our Lord Jesus Christ is central to our koinonia to Him and to each other, would you say that the presentation elements should always be set before the people of God so that we might come to worship God in Spirit and Truth?

    Robert Glenn

  4. charlesnewbold Says:

    For the most part. As the Holy Spirit leds.

  5. Robert 'Glenn' Pratten Says:

    What do you think? Before the Holy Spirit came to dwell in the hearts/souls of men, was it not our faith in Christ Jesus Who bought our justification? If one is justified before God in that moment of faith, has the Holy Spirit now come into the soul of that person? If the answer is yes, then why?

  6. Janice Says:

    Nothing is present without the Lord giving it first. Even the faith we have was given to us from the work of the cross. Remember Jesus wan crucified before the world began.

  7. alamoaa Says:

    Awesome conversation I have read a book by Perry Stone (not a fan of his I read it to a blind person at his request) and after a revelation by a friend as to what real communion is it is to be done in the spirit and not in the flesh and to be done with reverence and humility for what He has done for us so that we may live in freedom to be what He wants us to be. She went deep into the meaning and even Golgotha means Olive Press and what Christ did for us was the process an olive goes thru to become oil. I may post it at my WordPress site. It is an awesome teaching. May we all appreciate His sacrifice as He poured out His life on the alter as it were as a drink offering.

  8. Tom Says:

    I believe what makes the difference with grace and law is the leading of the holy spirit guiding and directing his people. so the same as in communion and should be in all our service to the Lord.

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