Relationships: The Catalyst for Revolution

During a recent home gathering, Brad Rasmussen, a brother in the Lord, shared a timely word regarding relationships in the Kingdom. It confirmed what I had come to understand—that our main purpose for gathering in the name of Jesus is to strengthen, encourage, and edify one another among whom the Lord has knit-worked us in Kingdom relationships.

I asked Brad to write out his experience that I might pass it on. I believe it is a right-on word for all who are interested in walking the highway of holiness.

Brad wrote:

To bring a bit of perspective, let me start the story in the fall of 1998. Kira and I were particularly zealous and found ourselves in constant prayer asking the Lord to bring revival. Many at this time were enveloped in a similar quest.

It was a fall evening in Ocean City, New Jersey. Kira and I lived in a basement apartment three blocks from the Atlantic Ocean where we walked the boardwalk almost daily. After walking, I settled into our small living room and began to seek the Lord. At that time, I clearly felt the Lord say the following:

“Brad, stop praying for revival. I am not interested in reviving your dead, religious practices. Pray instead for revolution.”

At the time, I did not fully understand the meaning of this directive or the profound impact it would have on our lives. As I began to seek the Lord for further interpretation, it became clear that the revolution He spoke of was most meaningfully summarized as “an absolute change.”

Fast forward to July of 2004. The Lord had impressed on our family to travel across country to reconnect with friends and family we had not seen in many years. Unexpectedly, we found ourselves in St. Louis, Missouri, on July 4th weekend. As we meandered downtown, we came across a huge festival happening at the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, home of the Gateway Arch.

It was an impressive gathering complete with music, food vendors, entertaining street artists, and a high flying aerial show over the rolling waters of the Mississippi River. But, nothing was more intriguing or impressive than the Arch. The Gateway to the West. Having driven through downtown St. Louis a handful of times, I was always interested in the Arch from a distance. Now, perched next to the structure, I was awestruck. At that moment, something spiritually meaningful began to develop.

I lied down flat on my back at the epicenter of the huge Archway, taking a moment to absorb the grandness. I closed my eyes and there, at the threshold of the Arches National Monument, the Father spoke these words:

“Brad, you stand at the threshold of my revolution and the catalyst of this revolution will be relationships.”

With those words, our entire life changed. It was as if the Lord refocused our entire value system and placed relationship at the top of the spiritual priority list. As I reflected on this word, I realized this was another installment of the message the Father had spoken years earlier in our tiny, ground level apartment.

This revolution would create an absolute change in the way we relate to God, His People, and His Creation. Relationships would be the catalyst for a revolution that would take us away from our dead, religious practices and into a new revelation of genuine, caring, honest, and intentional relationships. We have spent the years since in a meaningful journey to allow His Divine connections to form relationships that will remain throughout eternity.

Let the Adventure Continue!





6 Responses to “Relationships: The Catalyst for Revolution”

  1. Bryon Wiebold Says:

    Yes and Amen! This is good stuff and exactly what Father is doing!! Thanks for sharing, Charles.

  2. Sherri Rogers Says:

    As a leader of corporate intercession from 2001-2007, I also received instruction to pray for revolution, restoration. The difference between the one true living God – YHVH Elohim – and all other gods IS the personal relationship we have with HIm which affects all aspects of our lives. This is a glorious affirmation and I want to thank you for sharing!

  3. Sharon Matthews from Ohio Says:

    I came out of the Harlot Church System Charles Newbold speaks of 5 years ago. It is very lonely out here. I would love relationships in Christ, but my brothers and sisters don’t see as I do. So many of us who have come out are out here alone except for computer rooms or web-sites. I do believe God wants us to be in relationships, and most would agree out here. Thanks for the article. I have learned alot from the books and writings. God Bless all of His children with revolution and relevation of Christ and His Church.

  4. Jashobeam Says:

    I left the program-driven church for relationships but no one else here with the same values/priorities and as a result have been wandering in the wilderness for years. Feels like Moses on the backside of the desert.

  5. L. Dickerman Says:

    To “Jashobeam”…..I too was called out of the “Harlot” church over two years ago. I found another place to attend as I absolutely needed to have the relational fellowship. No place is perfect, but I have found that asking the Lord to give me discernment in all matters allows me the freedom to leave during certain events and or sermons that may be “off track”, to attend or not attend group meeting if they get “off track” and most importantly, the Holy Spirit has given me the enablement to speak up and stand. I was concerned that I would have to let go of ALL the relationships that I had, but the Lord is faithful and only those whom he deemed should not be in my life fell away. Those that have remained are also seeking the truth, and learning about the false doctrines and teachers that have pervaded in churches. We meet every week to study scriptures directly from the bible, we are blessed to have a teacher of Hebrew language in the group which helps us with all those translations, but most importantly we open each meeting with prayer and welcoming of his Holy Spirit and we KNOW he is with us. Find the best place to go to worship, ask for discernment, join groups and listen to what is said, and from there perhaps you will find those true seekers as I have had the experience of so doing. The Lord is faithful, he does not want us to go it alone, we just have to trust him, he knows your needs. Blessings

  6. Laura Streno Says:

    I agree with the last comment above. The Lord is having me ‘listen and listen well.’ I am learning to stand firm. To walk away from what I need to and just build those relationships I see as from Him.

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