Welcome Kingdom Seeker

I set up this blog to share writings, prophecies, and sayings I believe I have received from the heart of the Lord. I may at times share brief noteworthy words of others. They are given to edify, encourage, and strengthen one another in the body of Christ. On the conviction that the prophecy is to be judged, I welcome your “inspired” response. I am not interested in opinions whether they are yours or mine. I especially like it when our words spark something of the Holy Spirit in each other.

Most of the books by Charles are currently available for 0.99¢ on these eBook readers: iBooks (iTunes), Kindle (Amazon.com), and Nook (Barnes and Noble).


One Response to “Welcome Kingdom Seeker”

  1. Tom Says:

    The first time I heard about you was through a friend who was looking for book called the crucified ones. I the managed to download the book and as I read it my heart rejoiced with Joy. I totally and completely agree. Jesus is coming back for a people whose lives are panting for him, his righteousness and who are ready to identify with his suffering. I do not believe for once that Jesus came for the wealth of this world.For us to get rich in natural things .He said his kingdom is not of this world!!!

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